Last Stop On Market Street

By:Matt De La Peña and Christian Robinson

Is it easy for you to see beauty ?It is always important to see beauty even if it is not obvious to you.This is out the book last stop on market street.When CJ was waiting for the bus CJ asked his grandmother "why don't we have a car"because he did not want to ride the bus any longer.When the bus driver came to CJ stop when he got on the bus he saw a bunch of different types of people.He took a seat and after a while a guy sitting across from CJ and started play a tune and CJ thought a lot about beauty and how special it is!When they got off the bus they where in this old crummy they where walking in the town and was on there to the soup kitchen and it smelled like rain then all of a sudden a rainbow aped and CJ said my grandmother dose know how to find the beauty in everything!This book really got me deep down. It makes me feel that if you don't see the beauty in everything life will be black an white so see the BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING!


Goodbye Havana, Hola New York!

by: Edie Colon

I think the theme is seeing beauty in everything because when Gabriella moved to America she felt sad and scared
Gabriella saw the beauty in Cuba by the ocean is she like the sound of the waves because it sounds like music to her.
Next Gabrielle was learning to see the beauty in America by going to school learning English and getting best friends.
This message in this book makes me feel like there's beauty in everything no matter where you are.

- Bailey
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A Chair for My Mother

By:Vera B. Williams

I think the theme for a chair my mother theme is see the beauty in everything because the mom thought the chair was beautiful. Usually the grandma comes over to count tips with her daughter and her daughter. The girl wanted to get her mother a chair. The girl got her mother a flower chair that she loved.
My opinion is people work hard on you presents.


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