By: Andrea Davis Pinickey and Brian Pinickey

I think the theme in Sit-In is perserveance because the 4 friends never gave up in the Sit-In. David, Joseph, Franklin, and Ezell went to Woolworth's Lunch Counter in Greensboro, South Carolina that was whites only. They sat at the counter everyday until they got served. People told them told them to go away but they just ignored them. People poured hot coffee down their backs and threw pepper in their eyes. After years of sitting at the counter they finally got served and so did many other black people.

By: Kenzie Blom

In the Wings

This book is by: Debbie Allen and Kadir Nelson

My group thinks the theme is never give up because she never gave up on dancing. Sassy accidentely tripped her dance teacher and everybody laughed, but Sassy kept dancing. Sassy tried signing up for the talented young people in the summer and everybody laughed, but she still auditioned. At the audition Sassy did not think she did a good job but Mr. Deboato said she was talented! Two quotes from the book that proves the theme is never give up, " Me and my big feet making my mark on the world" "Mama was right being tall wasn't so bad after all, and neither was having a big head. Our opinion is just because you have different features that dosen't mean you should give up.

By: Jasmine and Andersen and Kenzie

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I think the theme is perseverance because even though he was arrested he still stood up against the law. Nelson stood up against apartheid even though it was illegal. Nelson ended up going to jail. The state vowed to put Nelson in jail so he put on disguises and people helped him hide, because they believed in what he was doing.
Nelson was put in jail and snuck a message to the people "I will return". Later on, the law of apartheid was lifted, and Nelson was set free. Our opinion on this book is all people should be treated fairly, because the South Africans weren't treated fairly just because they were South Africans.

by Grant and Gianni


Playing to Win

By: Karen Deans

Ilustrated by : Elbrite Brown

I think the theme of playing to win is follow through with your dreams because Althea Gibson wanted to become the number one tennis player in the world and accomplished her dreams throughout the story. Althea wasn't winning the way she wanted to and on her return to the states she decided it was time for her to win at Wimbledon and Forest Hills. In 1957 she was going to make it happen. All of her hard work finally came together as she won match after match before making it to the final round. On that day she played Darlene Hard who had beaten her before but that didn't keep Althea down. A few weeks later Althea went to win at Forest Hills. She was the number one ranked tennis player in the world because she didn't give up on fallowing her dream. This book makes me think we should always fallow your dreams even if they seem impossible.

— Molly.H

I would like to add that when she lost the second time she lost at the Wimbledon tournament she felt discouraged but she gathered her perseverance to try and win the Wimbledon tournament.-Brody


Wilma Unlimited

By: Kathleen Krull

I think the theme of this book is to never give up because Wilma Rudolph never gave up in the darkest times and she always had faith in herself. When Wilma was young she got sicker and sicker then she ever had her brothers and sisters put all the blankets they could find on Wilma during her sickness. Wilma's left leg twisted inward and Wilma couldn't move her leg back and Wilma's mother did't know what was wrong. Wilma was thought to not walk on left leg ever again. Wilma watched her brothers and sisters go off to school without her because she had a hurt leg the people who ran the school said it was impossible to go to school. She knew she had fight back some how. One day when Wilma was going to church she waited until everyone was in the church and she took off her leg brace and walked in. It was a miracle people thought she would never walk again and she believed in herself to do that even though kids made fun of her! Quite a while later she became a Olympic runner. Before the race she twisted her ankle but she raced anyway and won because she never gave up! This book makes me think that I should never give up even when things can't get any worse I should till try!

Another think is good for a reason is even though her team lost in basketball she still went onto track and field. There she practiced a lot and never gave up and soon became the fastest runner in the world.

I think another reason it could be perseverance is because when Wilma dropped her baton she had to pick it up and when she got back into the race she didn't give up and still won!!

Jesse Owens

By David A. Adler and Robert Casilla

I think that the theme of Jesse Owens is perseverance, because Jesse grew up getting sick all the the time, but he persevered to later be in the Olympics. When Jesse was a kid, a lump once appeared on his leg. His mother had to cut it out with a hot kitchen knife. Jesse preserved to on the track team for Fairmount Junior High School, there he met Charles Riley, he would be Jesse's trainer. Jesse also preserved to be in the Olympics in track and field. He also tied the Olympic record of 10.3 seconds for the 100 meter race in 1936. The message in this book makes me think that people should try things even though they are hard, and that anyone can do anything.

By Liam Kruer

Liam, when I read this book I noticed that Jesse Owens did not give up on track
And field and he kept on trying and he ended up making it to the Olympics

Mimi's Village

by Katie Smith Milway

Mimi's daughter, Nassaki, was sick because Mimi gave her dirty water. There was no clinic nearby, so they had to go to another clinic. Mimi asked her grandpa if he could build a clinic for his village, and the church got enough money for a plot. People came to the clinic to get treated for Malaria, AIDS and other diseases. This book made me think that you can impact the world in many ways.

By: Jadon

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Papa's Pastries

BY:Charles Toscano

The theme is perseverance, because they kept on moving through villages and never gave up.They first went to there first village.Miguel thought they where going to sell a bunch of pastries but nobody had enough money to buy anything.They said "we have been through many hardships and money is scarce". After that village they went to the second village.They where sure they where going to sell there. Nothing there either. Miguel's heart sunk.The last village they entered and there was nothing there ether. So they headed home it was not a great sale day. Mama was not happy. This book makes me think to never give up even if it is not in 3 seconds.


Play Ball Jackie!

By: Stephen krenskey

I think it is bravery and perseverance because when Jackie batted twice they were outs and on his last hit he redeemed himself. It was Jackie's first bat as a rookie. They pitched the ball to Jackie hit it to third base he got a ground out the was booing him Matty and his dad felt bad for him. Two kids were making fun of a black kid because he had a I'm for Jackie sticker on and Matty came and said "he's just a rookie and it's his first game. Jackie hit the ball to the outfield and popped out to the left fielder everyone was booing him again. Jackie's third at bat and everyone was worried a man on base he bunts it he's running to first the ball hit him in the back it went it rolls into center field Jackie made it to second base. The next batter hits a double and the dodgers win! To be brave because Jackie's two hits were not very good and people were yelling and then his last at-bat and everybody thought he would not get a hit but he did.



No Bad News

BY:Kennth Cole

I think the theme is perseverance, because he had to go through the scary and creepy town. He went and did it himself. He headed into the ally and he heard so many bad things about the ally. BAD NEWS AND THAT IS THE ONLY THING HE HEARD. He kept walking as he walked he saw spray paint on all the walls as he walked. Then two men drinking one of the men asked "Do you have any money"he said NO and kept on walking. As he walked to the barber shop he heard people yelling and sirens ringing by him. When he got there he said to himself I am going to be OK! This books makes me think that you can do anything with perseverance!


One Green Apple

Eve Bunting and Ted Lewin

I think the theme of this book is never give up because the girl never gave up until she could speak English. Since she is from a different country she doesn't know English she knows a different language. So she has to keep trying to speak English. In the text it says "Tomorrow I will go to the class where I will learn to speak English." For instance, since she is different from the rest she has to learn the things they do here. In the book it includes "App-ell" I say. Anna claps. I smile and smile and smile." For example, you must be really really really proud of yourself because you said you first word in a different language! I would be really proud of myself. In the book it also said "It is the first outside-myself word. There will be more." For instance, you would have to be really really proud of yourself if you want to learn more. I would be really proud of myself for learning a new word and I would be trying to learn more. To me the message in this book is that if you just be yourself you can make the world a whole lot better.


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Queen of the track

By: Heather Lang

I think the theme of this book is to never give up because Alice Coachman never gave up running and jumping even when people said no she still did! If that is not truly not giving up then I don't know what is!
One reason that Alice never gave up is that Alice was always running and jumping even when her dad told her no and that it was unladylike she also had many chores to do at home, but she still ran and jumped even though people called her a crazy fool. The second reason Alice never gave up is when Alice was alive black people not allowed at parks, gyms, and tracks this did not stop Alice though she ran barefoot on dirt roads. The last reason Alice never gave up is Once when Alice raced a top ranked white sprinter and won someone in the stands threw ice at her. How ever this isn't the only thing that was hard because most of the restaurants and gas stations wouldn't serve black people but Alice still raced. This book makes me think that I shouldn't give up even in the worst times.
By: Mya

I agree the theme is perseverance I also think you could include straight from the book that "Alice focused on the jump. She sprinted pumping her arms. She pushed off and flew ... up ... soaring ... over the bar. Her leap set a new Olympic record!" Since she never gave up she set a new Olympic record.


external image 1590788508.gif


By Eve Bunting

Illustrations by David Diaz

I think that the theme of Going Home is "keep going on", Because the family kept going to La Perla. Carloses sister kept on asking if they were there, but Carloses parents kept going on to La Perla, and answered no even though Nora (Carloses younger sister) wanted to stop. Carloses mother blows kisses to Mexico because she loves Mexico, but they still don't stop until they get to La Perla. The family did not stop for 4 days, from the United States of America to La Perla, Mexico.
The message in this book made me think that people should keep visiting people they love.

By: Liam Kruer


My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay

By: Cari Best

We think the theme of My Three Best Friends and Me,Zulay is Never give up because Zulay keeps trying but never gives up! Even though Zulay is blind she keeps trying to run on the track with a cane to help her see, that Mr. Turner gave her for the field day race! Zulay keeps trying to do sing, dance, do math, reading, and Art. Just because she is blind doesn't mean she can't sing, dance, do math,read, and Art. With all that Zulay did to practice for the race she finally managed to finish in first place with the Haley of Mr. Turner!

This book made me think if you truly believe in yourself and never give up you can achieve anything

—Molly. H.


Grace For President

Written by Kelly Dipucchio

Ilitrated by leuyen pham

I think the theme of "Grace For President" is perserverance because because when she failed she had perseverance and tried again. Here is a reason, when Thomas Cobb ran for president she still had perseverance
and ran against him. Another reason is when grace kept trying to become class president but mrs. Bearington invited mr. Wallers class to join the election and there class chose Thomas Cobb for their representative , Graces heart sank, but she did not give in and tried to beet him. Another reason is , Election day came and Thomas and Grace took there places on the stage the score was: Thomas=268 Grace=267 Grace was nervous but she had perseverance and hoped to win. Wyoming castid his three votes on Grace and she won!

The message in the book makes me think th even when times are down have perseverance


Goin' Someplace Special

By: Patricia c. Mckissack and Jerry Pinckney

We think the theme of Goin' someplace special is perseverance because on the way to someplace special there where some challenges but she never gave up! All Tricia Ann heard was a distant buzz of a bumblebee what was Blooming Mary talking about? But as she listened closer she began to Hear the voice of her grandmother, "You are somebody a human being - no better, no worse then anybody else in this world. Gettin someplace special is not an easy route but don't study on quitting just keep walking straight ahead - and you'll Make it!" Tricia Ann walked past a musical showing and people were pretty mean they said things like "Colored people can't come in through the front door!" But Tricia Ann kept going! At the corner Tricia Annn saw a building rising above all that surrounded it looking proud in the summer sun. On the sign on the Door said: Public Library: All are welcome Tricia was finally there at last!

This book made me think you can accomplish anything even if you face some challenges!

— Molly.H. And Mya.D.


The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

By: William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer

I think the theme is never give up because William did not give up on building the windmill.
People were thinking that William was crazy but he did not give up.
William ran to the middle of nowhere just to find the things he needed for his windmill. Making the windmill was hard but he did not give up.
My opinion of this book is that you can make use out of anything because he made scrap metal and other rusty junk into a windmill!

By: Julian



Author Misty Copeland and Christopher Myers

I think the theme is never giving up. because she gives up on trying to leap the space between like the fire bird. So the fire bird said "Darling child, don't you know your just where I started let the sun shine on your face your beginnings just begun" The fire bird keeps trying to convince her to not give up and said"I was a dancer just like you a dreaming shooting star of a girl with works and worlds ahead" then she said "even birds must learn to fly you'll grow steady in grace spread an arabesque of wings and climb"

I think the message in this book is to keep trying and don't give up no matter what happens.
I think the message was even if you don't succeed try try again.


Sonia Sotomayor

By:Jonah Winter and Edelman Rodriquez

I think the theme is never give up because Sonia never gave up on her dream of being a judge. When Sonia's doctor told her that she had a disease called diabetes she saw a door to the dream of being a detective close, but she found another dream to be a judge. When Sonia was in Princeton and she realized that she was poor Sonia didn't give up on her dream of being a judge even though she was discouraged. When Sonia was offered to be a Supreme Court justice, she believed in herself and didn't give up, then she excepted the offer.

- Amanda

I think the theme is perseverance because she kept trying till she got it. Because she kept trying to read all the books the books her mom bought for her. When she got older she got a award for being the best student in the school!!!! Then after all of her hard work Obama nominated her to be a supreme justice! This book makes me think that if you keep trying you can do anything.


I think another reason could be that even other people called her names she never stopped trying to be a judge.

I think it is Overcoming Adversities too because even though others called her mean names she Ignored the people who were calling her names and she kept trying


A Bus of Our Own

by Freddi Williams Evans

I think the theme of this book is never give up because Mable Jean didn't give up on riding a bus to school. Even though her feet hurt she kept walking back and forth between home and school. She kept asking for a school bus because they wouldn't let colored people go on the bus. She didn't give up when cousin Smith came home with a bus that needed fixing.
I think we should never give up on what we want.

-Amanda O.

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Life In TheOcean

By Claire A. Nivola

I think the theme in Life In The Ocean is is never give up because Sylvia is eager to swim down to the deepest ocean, for example she had to join a expedition where she was the only woman out of seventy men. Sylvia never gave up when she swam down 3,000 feet. Sylvia never gave up because she knew she would accomplish the things she said she would do. Like swimming down to the deepest ocean. She first started scuba diving when she was nine years old. When she was 16 years old she swam 30 feet under a river. She lived under water for 2 weeks. This book makes me think that I should never give up and I should keep on trying.
By Gavin Mazdai.


Strong to the hoop

By:john coy

I think the theme is perseverance because you should let people play even if you're small you should preserve and never give up . James was to short to play on the main court with the big kids because the big kids did not want him to play because he was small but one of the teams were a player short so they had to let James . James ripped off Marcuses shirt then Marcus said 'what are you doing you ripped my shirt' call foul then said James because they did teams no shirt is one team shirt on is a different team. Zo bounces the ball between his legs like a yoyo ,the team that wins keeps playing and I feel my heart beating, and they won. The message in this book is just because you're small don't lose faith.

Marcel Marceau the actor without words

By: Leda Schubert

I think the theme is perseverance because Marcel wanted to be a mime so he went to school and started studying to become one it took forever but he didn't give up. Marcel was born in 1923 Strasberg France he wanted to be in mime his father died at concentration camps and the people who returned were never able to talk about it and that made his choice of silence. After the World War II he studied mime. At 24 he created the character named Bip . He became quite famous. He is a person like no one else in the world's most favorite mime.He had no competition. To count his prizes and awards it would take a long time. The message in this book makes me think that you can do anything.

-Andersen F


I Matthew Henderson

Book written by Carole Boston Weatherford

I think the theme of this book is perseverance because he did not give up on his dream and he kept going further.

He did not want to be a cabin boy. He did not want to be a stock boy at a men's store to work his way up the ladder to clerk. So he didn't give up on being a explorer.

He did not give up on getting men so they all agreed on bringing the Eskimos to there adventure. During the adventure to the North Pole he did not want to sit all day so he became a railroad porter.

The message in this book makes me think that you can do anything if you think you can.

Willie Mays

By Jonah winter

I think the theme in willie mays is perseverance because when people and laws said he couldn't play baseball because he is black but he kept practicing baseball because he thought that later people would change the laws but the only job black people could have in Birmingham worked back breaking jobs in the steel mills not baseball when people said he couldn't play baseball he didn't listen he kept on practicing because he thought people would change the laws later according to the text "the major leagues didn't allow black guys to play back then -craziest rule there ever

Mr. Ferris and his wheel
Kathryn Gibbs David

I think the theme is perseverance because he wanted to outstand the Eiffel Tower which was the star attraction of last years worlds fair and did not stop.
A lot of people are saying that that he cant make the Ferris wheel but he did not stop. He had to go through rock solid ground and quick sand just to make stakes for the wheel. The government did not give Mr. Ferris a single penny for the wheel and still made the wheel.
I think the message in this book is to not judge yourself from what other people say

The Patchwork Path: A quilt map to freedom
Author:Bettye Stroud illustrated by: Erin Susanne Bennet

I think the theme is perseverance because even though Hannah and her dad's feet hurt when they ran away since they were slaves they kept trying to get to freedom. So if they didn't have perseverance they would have gave up and went to work as a a slave for the rest of their lives and who would want to do that.

Even when Hannah's knees and legs ached she and her dad kept following the geese up north to get to Canada. For instance, if they just gave up there, their master would have them and they would have to be slaves again. But they really want to be free so they kept going.

Hannah and her dad walked every night and when they felt like they couldn't lift their legs they thought about mama's words that kept them going. For example if you couldn't lift up your legs wouldn't you give up? Well they had lots of perseverance and mama's words.

Sometimes they got some berries but sometimes they got nothing. For instance even though they were hungry they sill walked all the way to Canada. They may have been lucky they had lots of perseverance to keep them going.

The message in this book makes me think that if we are brave and have perseverance you can do anything thing and achieve it.


Looking Out For Sarah

By Glenna Lang

We think the theme of Looking Out For Sarah is perseverance, because Perry never gave up on Sarah. Perry (a guide dog) persevered not to eat the crumbs that were on the sidewalk, because he had to guide Sarah. Perry preserved to guide Sarah across the busy road safely, because Sarah was blind from diabetes. Sarah showed perseverance by still playing musical instruments and getting outside more, though she was blind.
The message in this book made me think that people should keep doing things, even though people think they can't do them because something about them (gender, religion, language, skin color, etc.).
By Liam Kruer


Dare devil

By:Meghan Mccantny

I think the theme is perseverance because she never gave up.

•Betty skeleton dreamed of flying planes when she was older she got a license to fly a plane even though women where not allowed but she did not give up.
•when she was done with her flying licenses she started to race cars she broke records and never gave up.
•when she was done she started to do cool stuff on water after that she had a red convertible