Last Stop on Market Street

By Matt De La Pena
I think the theme is Kindness because CJ's Nana teaches him how be nice to others.
Nana says on the bus: "Good Afternoon!" And laughs her deep laugh. On the bus, Nana was being Kind to the blind man and he was being nice back. CJ asked "Why is it so dirty?" and then Nana said If your in dirt, then look for something pretty in your life. This made me think that even though your mad or sad, you should look for something pretty.

By: Jadon

Martin's Big Words

Doreen Rappaport

I think the theme is Kindness because Martin teaches white people to be nice to black people.
Martin said don't fight with fists, fight with words. Martin stated: "Hate cannot drive out hate. Only Love can do that." He is remembered to this day for his Kindness. Kindness is the key to the worlds problems. He marched and walked and talked and prayed with his friends.

What this story made Jadon think is: You should not judge someone by their race.
What this story made Andrés think is: You should not judge by what they look like
By: Jadon and Andrés


The theme of this book is kindness, because Victoria was making fun of chrysanthemum until she realized something. When chrysanthemum was on her way to school she thought her name was perfect until "roll call". Everybody laughed now Chrysanthemum did not think her name was perfect anymore.One day Victoria actually called her a flower.That night she dreamed Victoria was picking petal by petal intel there was no more petal left.When they where on there way to music class everyone started giggling and Mrs.Twi -kel wanted to know what was so funny chrysanthemum said Victoria said "my name is long too and that is not nice. And then Victoria realized that is was not that bad after all! This book makes me think even if you have something weird about you be proud about it be you!


The First Strawberries.
Retold by Joseph Bruchac
Illustrator Anna Vojteach

I think that the theme is kindness because the wife in the story had a bite of a strawberries and it reminded her of all the times that the husband has been kind to her. The husband has said some unkind things to the wife, and he wanted to said sorry and that is a kind thing to do. The wife had started to walk away because of those unkind things that the husband had said and the husband was very sad so the sun had helped by growing some fruits and then the sun had grown some strawberries and she Took a bite and it had reminded her of all of the sweet times The husband and the wife have had together. The husband try to catch up to the wife to say sorry but he couldn't catch up to say sorry to the wife but when she was bending down and taking a bite The husband had to catch up to her and say sorry and that was showing lot of kindness.
this book reminds me of love because, after all of those mean things that the husband has said to the wife he still has tried and did catch up to the wife and that shows me that they love each other.

By: Lucy

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Finding Lincoln

By: Ann Malaspina

Finding Lincoln

I think the theme is kindness because white people were not being kind to Louis and his family. Louis and other black people were not aloud to go to the main library or the drugstore lunch center also the city park and they could not get good seats in the movie theater. When Lincoln bumped into a man at the library the librarian said can't you read sir? White people only. The librarian was being nice when she meet Louis at the library and got him the book he wanted and gave him a library card. This book made me think that you should be kind to people no matter if you are black or white because we are all different but we should all be treated the same.
By Jasmine


Grandma's Gift
Eric Velasquez

I think the theme is kindness because throughout the story they do nice things for each other and it turns out good. The grandma makes her famous dish of pasteles for all of her family, friends and favorite neighborhood venders. Eric's grandmother took him to the museum so he could complete a school project. She took him even though she was nervous that no one there spoke Spanish. Eric's grandmother gave him a sketchbook for Christmas after going to the museum and Eric staring to like art.

This book makes me think that if you be kind to others things will always turn out good.
By Josh



by Jeanette Winter

Theme: I think the theme is kindness because Luis is giving out books for kids so that's why I think it's kindness. Luis also made a library for them. One day this man named Luis read a book so he got more and more until it filled the whole house. Luis thought of an idea for kids to borrow books, because the kids in his community who didn't have any. So he built crates to hold the books. He used his burros named Alfa and Beto to give books. He read three little pigs to the kids and walked them over to Beto and Alfa and he let them pick out books in the crates. Everybody took a book and he came every weekend.

My opinion is believe in your self because once you believe you feel something and it could come true.

By: Chase and Julian

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My light

Molly Bang

I think the theme is kindness because the sun is giving lots of thing to earth. If the sun never gave us these things like, light and foods then we would not be able to survive.

In the text it said "I am you sun, a golden star. You see my radiance as light. Each day I warm your land and water." For example, if the sun did not warm our land everyday then we would be as cold as Neptune!

In the book it also says "The wind pushes blades of turbine spinning round and round, spinning my energy to generators which make electricity. Electricity pours into copper wires and flows out to your towns and cities." For instance if we didn't have electricity it would be cold and dark.

In the book it includes "Green plants catch my light and use my energy to help build leaves and stems. My energy builds each bush and flower, reed and cactus, fruit and tree. My light fuels all the plants on earth." For example, if there were no plants then we would not have anything to eat!
My opinion about this book: The message in the book makes me think that if you do something kind you will get that kindness back.

I also would add this directly from the book "Some plants are eaten. My energy flows to everything that eats them." I thought that this part would go well with this book because this shows that the sun was being kind to earth.
By: Mya

Peters Chair
By: Ezra Jack Keats
I think the theme is kindness because Peter is not kind to his new baby sister. Peter got really mad when his parents painted his old crate pink and told peter to stop all that nose you will wake up your sister. Then peters dad asked him if he wanted to help paint his old high chair but Peter said NO! Peter took all of his old baby stuff outside including his chair so no one can take his stuff. This book makes me think that you should be kind to everyone.

The piano

By: William Miller

I think the theme of The Piano is kindness because Tia was kind to Mrs. Hartwell and Mrs. Hartwell showed kindness back.

The First reason I think the theme is kindness is because when Mrs. Hartwell played the piano her hands would ache with pain so Tia knew how to male that kind of pain feel better so she got out a bowl poured warm water in it and added some salt got a rag went back to Mrs. Hartwell and dipped the rag into the water and salt and spread it around Mrs. Hartwell' s hand. Which almost instantly made pain go away.

The second reason I think the theme is kindness is because one day when Tia went to go to her job at Mrs. Hartwell's house Johnny ( another worker at Mrs. Hartwell's house) told Tia he was quitting so Tia went to Mrs. Hartwell and told her that she could do the chores herself, plus the ones she usually does even though Mrs. Hartwell said she didn't have to do the chores but she did anyway to be kind.

The third reason I think that the theme is kindness is because after Tia does her chores and Johnny's chores it was time to play the piano but her fingers hurt so bad, but Mrs. Hartwell went away for a second and returned with warm water, salt and took out a rag and dipped the water on Tia's hands returning the kindness Tia gave in the first place.

This book makes me think that I should try to show kindness to everyone so that way I can have long lasting friendships that are real and not fake and someone might show kindness back to me.


The Watcher

By: Jeanette Winter

The apes let Jane come close and study them without hurting or running away from Jane. The apes are gentle to Jane and are nice too and play with Jane. They don't run away from Jane and they aren't afraid of her.
What this book made me think is: That you should be nice no matter what