Butterfly Boy
Author:Virginia Kroll
Illustrator: Gerardo Suzán

I think the theme is joy because Emilio gave his grandfather joy. Emilio said he was sure he saw a gleam in his grandfathers eyes when he read to him. Emilio could see the joy in his grandfather when he saw the butterflies. Emilio's papa was painting the garage and Emilio said no the butterflies won't to come. And he got his papa to paint it white by showing him the joy it brought to them all. The message in this book made me think always see the joy in the world.




by Lio and Diane Dillon

I think the theme if the story is joy because, Bojangles brought joy to the city. He was a boy and he went singing rap a tap tap think about that and kids love it. Some doors were opened and some were closed because he was a different color skin. He would dace even if there was rain or anywhere and any weather. I think my ‏opinion is giving you confident to make people.

By: Brogan