White socks only.

By Evelyn Coleman

I think the theme is ''inspire'' because she was inspiring African American to get together with white Americans. She was inspiring others to drink from the same water fountain. She was inspiring to do what they think is right no mater what the consequences are. Just because you are not the same you should have equal rights.
This book make me think that everyone should do what they think is right!
by: Bailey


By:Allen Say
I think the theme is inspire because of the ending of the book he to see California for himself.The grandfather left to explore at a very young age,he went to North America,deserts and farm fields.When his daughter had a kid an he was a boy he was very interested in what his grandfather had been,he said his favorite place was California but then there was a fire then the kid could never go to California with his grandfather.Then when he got older he went to go see California for himself.
That it is important to go places and inspire people and get inspired.
By: Sydney