The Keeping Quilt

By: Patricia Polacco

I think the theme in The Keeping Quilt is honoring traditions because every one honored the tradition of the quilt. When Anna and Sasha married, when Carle and Gorge married and when Marry Ellen and Patricia's dad married they all used the quilt as their huppa.
When children in the family were born the first thing they were held with was the quilt.
When they married they all had bread salt and a gold coin. We should honor traditions more often.
Amanda O


The Always Prayer Shawl

Written by: Sheldon Overman Illustrated by: Ted Lewin

I think the theme is some things change and some things don't because, Adam got older but he was still the same person. Adam got older but he was still Adam. The fringes on the always prayer shawl wore out but it was the same prayer shawl. The collar on the always prayer shawl wore out but it was the same prayer shawl.
The message in this book makes me think I should pass names and traditions down in my family.

By: Max


Author: Genva Cobb Iijima
The theme is tradition because this book tells about lots of traditional things Japanese people do.

At the beginning of the book Gregory said why do we need chopsticks his dad said because then that's what Japanese people use to eat food. Gregory was in barest because he had a peanut butter sandwich and a cookie. But everyone else had a traditional food. The next day at lunch Japanese kid surprised Gregory by bringing in peanut butter sandwiches his traditional food. The message in this book made us think that all of our traditions are unique.
By Grant and Holden

One candle

Written by: Eve Bunting Illustrated by: K. Wendy Pop
I think the theme of One Candle is honor traditions because, they never stopped honoring their traditions. Even when the grandparents were in the Holocaust they lit the candles and prayed. Every Hanukkah the family does the same: Light candles and pray. On Hanukkah the family tells the story of both Hanukkah and the Holocaust. The message of this book makes me think people should tell the stories of their family and the holiday on holidays.
By: Max