By: Patricia Pollocco

I think the theme in Bully is Honesty because Gage keeps lying about Lyla stealing the answers to an important test. Mr.August thinks Lyla stole the answers to the test but Gage (the bully) actually did. Gage over hears Mr. August talking to Lyla, and when Lyla gets home she sees that Gage posted lies about Lyla stealing the test all over the internet. At the end of the story Lyla's friend Jamie remembers that he saw Gage stealing the answers to the test. So Gage had to apologize and admit that she stole the answers. If someone thinks that you did something. But you know you actually didn't you know the truth.
- Kenzie Blom

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Too many tamales!

By: Greg Soto ED Martinez

I think the theme in "too many tamales" is honestly because she didn't tell her mom that she wore her ring. When she and her mom made tamales and she wore her mom is really expensive ring. I think I also wouldn't tell her mom that she wouldn't tell her mom that she wore her ring. Lastly she tried to do it without her mom seeing. This book makes me think you should think before What you do.
I would like to add that Maria didn't confess that she had played with the ring until she spotied it on her mother's finger
-Bailey c.

I would like to add that the kids also didn't tell the parents that they ate all the tamales until the parents walked in the kitchen. By:Kenzie Blom

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