Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride

Writing by Pam Muñoz Ryan and illustrations by Brian Selznick

I think that the theme of Amelia and Eleanor go for a ride, is friendship because Amelia and Eleanor are friends. I think that they are friends because they share a lot of the same interests such as they both like to fly planes. Amelia encouraged Eleanor to learn how to fly. Amelia offered to give Eleanor flying lessons, also another reason that the theme is friendship is Eleanor protested to the secret service that she be allowed to go on a ride in Amelia's plane with her because she trusted her, which we think is a silent compliment.

This book makes me think about what people can do when they try.
- Cameron H.
The books makes me think that people should follow their dreams.
- Brody K
This book made me think that we should be kind to our friends more often.
- Amanda O.
This book made me think that we should encourage our friends to follow their dreams.
- Molly H.
I agree with your thinking, but I would add that Eleanor and Amelia were showing friendship, by eating dessert together, and flying together at night.
- Liam K.


Written and illustrated by Chris Soentpiet

I think the theme of coolies is friendship because when Wong was cold Sheck gave him more blankets and more hot tea. Another reason that I think the theme of coolies is freindship is when Wong had to blow up a mountain Sheck volunteered to blow it up so Wong would not get hurt. The last reason that I think that the theme of coolies is friendship is when Sheck was buried in a avalanche Wong tried all he could to push past the guards and dig Sheck up. The message in the book makes me think that everybody can have friendship. B
By: Brody
Shek and Wong kept writing to Ma at home saying the still can give them enough money to get a lot more food to survive because he cared about her. - Josh


Rudi's Pond

Eve Bunting and Ronald Himler

I think the theme of this book is friendship because when a girl's best friend died she and her classmates made lots of things to honor Rudi the boy who died. The girl was really really sad since he was her best friend.

In the text it said " I never got to talk to Rudi again because he died in that hospital. When mom and dad told me, we hugged and cried. I thought I'd never stop." For example, if you thought you'd never stop crying when a friend died, you must have been really good friends with them.

In the book it included " In school we wrote poems about Rudi and stapled them together to make a book. Mine said: Rudi was my friend. He'll always be my friend forever and ever." For instance, if you wrote a sweet poem like that that friend must be really special.

In the book it also said " While the cement was wet, we wrote our names on it, so Rudi's pond was in the middle of all of us. We brought rocks and shells to pile around the edges and plants to make it prettier." For example, if you did all that for a friend who had died, the boy must have been a really good friend.

The message in this book makes me think you should have lots of friends so when you lose one you still have many many many more.

By: Diya


Four Feet, Two Sandals

by: Karen Lynn Williams, Khadra Mohammed and Doug Chayka

I think the theme is friendship because Lana was being kind to another girl and shared a pair of slippers. When they became friends they were sharing slippers and never fought over when they had their turn. They even wore one slipper per person sometimes. Lana and her friend were nice to each other and never were mad at each other. When Lana left on the bus they were really sad and Lana let her friends keep the the slippers but Lana's friend gave her one for memory's.
I think the message in this book is to always be kind because Lana and her friend were always nice to each other throughout the full story.
By: Julian

We think the theme of this book is friendship because Lina was nice to Feroza and they became good friends.
A reason we think the theme of this book is friendship because Lina and Feroza became friends when they started sharing some sandals because they both found a one at the market and they both had not worn shoes in a while. Another reason why we think the theme is friendship is that they traded the sandals every other day and shared a tent until they went to there brew home in America.
The final reason we think the theme of this book is when Lina had to leave for America she got new shoes before they left but Feroza gave Lina one to remember her bye. "This book makes me think, that you can connect with friends in many different ways." - Adrienne "This book makes me feel like I should try to be a little nicer to my sister and share so we can have a beautiful friendship one day. - Mya
By: Mya and Adrienne


My Best Friend

By Mary Ann Rodman and E.B. Lewis

I think the theme is friendship because tamika was being mean to her friend lily. Because lily was six and tamika was seven and tamika made a new friend shanice

When shanice didn't like lily "shanice yelled hey whale girl your be-hind is hanging out of your bathing suit" next wens day lily says "see my new bathing suit" then tamika said "that's a baby suit I used to have one just like it." Friends don't talk to each other that way

Shanice yelled at lily "is that baby still here isn't it time fore your bottle." Lily got so mad she jumped in the pool. But then Kesha says "you are a good diver." Friends don't talk to each other that way. Sometimes friends can change. Lily said "maybe someday when tamika is a hundred and I am ninety nine but until then Kesha and l will have lots of fun."
The message in this book makes me think that it is ok to make new friends



Your Move

By Eve Bunting, Illustrated by James Ransome

I think the theme is friendship because it's important to choose the right friends. The brothers disobeyed their mom by going to meet the K-bones. The k-bones old them to write on the sigh with spray paint. Good friends don't tell you to do bad things. They were with the k-bones then the snakes showed up because they wanted to hurt them.Good friends don't hurt each other.The brothers decided not to be friends with the k-bones because they were not making good decisions with them. The message in the book made me think to always make good decisions.


By A.G. Ford
I think the theme is friendship Because Ajani shares his new soccer ball with his friends. Ajani calls out his friends they do not come out. Then Keto comes out of his house then Jamal comes out and then Magubani, Hassan and Badu comes out. Ajani and his Friends play soccer. I kick off to Jamal Magubani steals the ball, then Keto steals it back then passes to Ajani who scores. The tall guys come they hide there ball they take the old plastic ball then ride there bikes away. My opinion about this book is always share and don't be afraid.
By: Camden


Emily's Art
By Peter Catalanotto

I think that the theme of this book is friendship because Kelly and Emily's friendship stayed strong even when they didn't.
Kelly only won an art contest because Emily taught her how to draw a butterfly and Emily felt used. Emily felt unwanted, even by her own friends.
Kelly felt pity for Emily so she asked for Emily to draw her a dinosaur because she knew that it would give her her This book made me think that you should listen to your friends because you never know how they could help.