The Remarkable story of George Moses's
Don Tate
I think the them is Freedom because There was slavery and the black people killed there masters just to get free.
George's mom gave him a poetry book but he could not read but he found a old spelling book.
Ones he could read he started writing poems and singing them to his family he had to pay his master money to have time to write poems.
Then there was a war George's Family got split up.Then the union won George got free.
This book makes me think that you should keep going even no your life changes.
By Camden

Martins big words
By Doreen Rappaport

I think the theme in martins big words is freedom because when he was a little boy he wanted to change segregation because he didn't think it was right. When he got older he wanted to be president so there wouldn't be segregation so everyone could be together. People tried to chase down Martin because he was trying to change laws and one of those laws were segregation he was also threatened to be killed. He wanted freedom because people bomed his brothers house because he wanted people to be treated the same way.

This book makes me think that I should stand up for who I am and show that I have a voice to.
By Gavin Mazdai