Saturdays and Teacakes

By:Lester L. Laminack

We think the theme in Saturdays and Teacakes is family because every Saturday the boy goes to his Mammaw's house. The boy can't wait for Saturdays because he spends the day at his Mammaw's house. Making breakfast and lunch and playing outside. Every Saturday the boy and his Mammaw go together to make Teacakes at her house. The boy and his Mammaw go together and do stuff and nobody else dose it but him. We think the message in this book is that you should spend time with your family.

By: Dylan and Kenzie

Grandpa's Face

By:Eloise Greenfield and Floyd Cooper

I think the theme in Grandpa's Face is family because Tamika always spends time with her grandpa and they never give up on each other. Tamika loves her grandpa and she loves his face because her grandpa's face always shows that he loves her even when he's mad at Tamika. Grandpa is in lots of plays. One day grandpa was practicing his mad face in the mirror for his upcoming play and suddenly Tamika walked in his room and saw the mad face. So she ran out of his room sobbing. She saw the mad face for the first time that did't love her. At dinner Tamika did all the things that grandpa didn't like. Finally Tamika told her grandpa what was going on and her grandpa told her that he was just pretending. Before you accuse someone of being mad at you, you need to get the whole story.
- Kenzie Blom



I think the theme is family because,they spent a lot of time together and just hanging out.When they got there they hugged each other because that haven't seen each other in a long time.You had to go through 4 hugs to get to the kitchen because they miss each other a lot.They all talk together so they can catch up with each other so they know what is happening.Then it is time to go to bed,when they where sleeping the relatives weren't picky about their beds which is a good thing because we did not have so much beds for them yo sleep in so some slept on the floor because they did not care because they missed each other so much!

This book makes me think that family is super important to just hang with and have fun with.




By: Paul Fleiscman
In the book the ,The Matchbox Diary the theme is family. When his granddaughter came she liked something off the shelf.The girl Saul a box on the shelf and took it down and gave it to her grandfather.He was talking about a noodle.She helped her grandfather by being a word detective.They got a job of cutting fish all day long and had someone watching them to make sure they did not slow down.They got tickets for a baseball game they went and the grandfather was so amazed even though he did not know what was going on.

I think the book makes me feel that sharing family memories is important and fun!

By: Sydney and Lauren

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The Wednesday Surprise

By: Eve Bunting & Donald Carrick

I think the theme is family because everyday their Grandma rides the bus across the town to stay with her grandchildren because she loves her family. Sam, Mom, Grandma and the girl all planed a birthday surprise for grandpa. They had meetings everyday on Wednesday's grandma had to go across town to get to there house. Dad stoped to get mom some flowers for how hard mom worked to plan the surprise she could have done anything else on Wednesdays but she chose to make the birthday surprise. Grandma reads books to everyone before she leaves even though she is tired probably. This book makes me think that you should be thankful for you family because there only around for so long.

By: Jasmine


Into the forest

Eloise Greenfield

I think the theme is family cause the boy wakes up and the dad's gone and the boy keeps asking where's dad where's dad where's dad! Mom tells him to go the long way to grandma but he goes the short way cause he thinks the dad will be back really soon...when he sees grandma he gives her a hug and a cake...he realizes dad was at grandmas house and he gave him a cake and a embrace the message in this book makes me think that you can be happy whoever you're with.


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