Fifty Cents and Dream

By: Jabari Asim

I think the theme this book is Dream Big because Booker dreamed of going to school and he finally accomplished his dream.
One of the reasons I think the theme of this book is Dream Big because Booker dreamed of going to school and reading but he was a slave so he was not a loud to read, but he still dreamed.
The second reason I think the theme is Dream Big is because when Booker got older and slavery had ended, he heard of a school where black people could learn called "Hampton Institute" he dreamed of going to learn but sadly the school was 500 miles away from where he was! So Booker walked by foot all the way with his dreams close in his heart.
The third reason we think the theme is Dream Big because when Booker got to school he did not have enough money to pay for his classes so he worked as a janitor before school started every morning to pay for his education.
"This book makes me think that I should try to follow my Dreams and someday I will make a big difference"

The boy who invented T.V.
Kathleen Krull
I think the theme is dream big because in the early 1900 T.V was just fantasy. When Philo was plowing the field he had a big idea about how to create T.V and he thought what if electrons could make moving images instead of whirling disks. He also filed for many government patents because he believed that his idea would work.
This book made me think that you should follow your dreams because if you can believe, you can achieve!
-Cameron H.