Written by:Alice McLerran
I think that the theme is creativity because Roxaboxen is a creative place.
A group of friends discovered boxes on a hill they called Roxaboxen. Then they made streets out of stones and they pretended that the road between their homes and Roxaboxen was a river. They had shops and a mayor, they made houses out of colorful glass and sometimes they had pretend wars.
This book reminds me to be creative.
Cameron H.
And they were creative by using the rocks as money.


New shoes for Silvia

By: Johanna Hurwitz

I think the theme in this book is creativity because Silvia was very creative with the shoes.

One day after Silvia got her new shoes, since they were too big for her she used her to were she used her creativity to make beds for her dolls.

One week after since the shoes still wouldn't fit Silvia used her creativity to make a two-cart train for her dolls.

After one more week since the shoes still wouldn't fit Silvia tied strings to the shoes and made them look like oxen.
I think that we should be more creative. Amanda O.
- Amanda