Sarah Emma Edmonds Was a Great Pretender

By: Carrie Jones and Mark Oldroyd

We think the theme of Sarah Emma Edmonds was a Great Pretender is bravery because Sarah was very brave when she was pretending. Sarah's dad wanted Sarah to be a boy, so Sarah pretended to be a boy but her dad still punished her. In the 1850s when Sarah was a teenager she ran away to the United States to be in the army. Then she changed her name to Frank Thompson when was a nurse and then she changed her name to Cuff. When she was a laundress her name was Bridget. This book makes me think that it would be very hard to pretend to be someone else for a long time.

By: Kenzie Blom

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Testing the Ice
Written by: Sharon Robinson
Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson

We think the theme is courage because, Jackie had to be brave to do many things. He had to be brave to go on a baseball team for white people because, people would call him names. He had to be brave to tell the kids that he couldn't swim. He had to be brave to go out onto the Ice so he could test it for the kids to go ice skating because, he could've been to heavy for it and he wanted to make sure the kids would be safe.
The message in the book makes me think to try things even if people are saying you can't just because of how you look.
By: Max and Brogan

Back then black people could not play baseball but they ask Jackie Robinson to play for the Dodgers. When Jackie Robinson was playing for the Dodgers the went to the World Series four times and faced the Yankees. They lost all of the four World Series, Then they faced the Yankees in the World Series again. This time they won! When it was winter Jackie Robinson tested the ice to see if it was safe for the kids.
This book makes me think that you should always believe in yourself.
By: Camden

I think the theme is courage because he never gave up on his dreams.
He haves courage to not give up to the New York Yankees he did not give up and one his team beat them.He had the courage to test the ice to see if it was safe for the kids.He had the courage so that if people called him names or treated him bad he would not have physical contact with them he would stay calm.I think the message of this book is you should never give up and keep trying.
by: Andres

I think it is bravery also because Mr. Rickey said he would be beaten up physically. By Grant


The Great Serum Race
By: Debbie S. Miller__ and Jon Van Zyle

We think the theme of The Great Serum Race is bravery because the mushers and the huskies had to be very very brave to go and get the Serum for Nome Alaska freezing deadly weather. In the book it includes "If the huskies run to hard or if they breath to deeply they can freeze there lungs." For example, it would hurt if you freeze your lungs, but if you can be really brave you can do any risk in your life. In the book it said "Togo the husky led the way towards Dexters roadhouse in Golovin, about 50 miles away. Along the coast the wind became unbearable." For instance, if you ran fifty miles in unbearable wind it would be scary. You would have to be brave to do that like the mushers and huskies. In the book it also said "In their struggle to save the lives of Nome's residents these two huskies would have fallen victim to the deadly weather." For example, if you were sick in deadly weather it would be hard to survive. You would have to be really really brave to go out in freezing weather to deliver the serum to Nome.

This book makes us think you should never give up because even though it was cold they kept trying to get the serum to Nome. This story reminds us of kindness because the huskies and the mushers were very kind to go in the freezing cold weather to get a serum bottle to stop Diphtheria, and if they were not kind and did not do it a lot of people would die.
By: Lucy and Diya

I also think it is bravery because Gunnar also lost the serum so he had to be brave to take of his mitts and search through the snow with frostbitten fingers.
by Grant

I also think it is Bravery because he had to be brave and go about 1,000 miles to get the Serum in brutal conditions.
By Jadon

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Jack's Path of Courage
Written by Doreen Rappaport
Illustrated by Matt Tavares

We think the theme of John F. Kennedy is courage, because John had courage to fight through tough times. For example, John had the courage to fight through his brothers death and go into politics, because his dad wanted Joe to be the first catholic president. John had the courage to write his first two books, that got published. It took courage to write Johns second book, because he spent lots of time creating his book about the 8 senators that had risked their career to stand up for what they believe in. Many people helped John with his research. John had courage to enter the the election to be president of the USA. Later having a bomb attack, that was going to be from Soviets, but John talked to the Soviet premier to hold off the bombs. This book makes us think that more people should stand up for themselves, and others.

"A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, obstacles, dangers, and pressures." - John F. Kennedy
By Liam Kruer and Gavin Mazdai


Abe's Honest Words
Written by Doreen Rappaports

I think the theme is bravery because Lincoln was brave enough to stand up for what he believed in. Lincoln was brave enough to stand up to slavery even though many practiced it. Lincoln had the courage to become a legislator so he could speak his mind. He also had the courage to speak his mind.

This book made me think that if you have the courage to chase your dreams, chase them!
-Cameron H.


Play Ball Jackie!
by Stephen Krensky and Joe Morse

I think it is bravery and perseverance because when Jackie batted twice they were outs and on his last hit he read deemed himself. It was Jackie's first bat as a rookie. They pitched the ball to Jackie hit it to third base he got a ground out the crowd was booing him Matty and his dad felt bad for him. Two kids were making fun of a black kid because he had a I'm for Jackie sticker on and Matty came and said "he's just a rookie and it's his first game. Jackie hit the ball to the outfield and popped out to the left fielder everyone was booing him again. Jackie's third at bat and everyone was worried a man on base he bunts it he's running to first the ball hit him in the back it went it rolls into center field Jackie made it to second base. The next batter hits a double and the dodgers win! To be brave because Jackie's two hits were not very good and people were yelling and then his last at-bat and everybody thought he would not get a hit but he did.
By: Chase

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The Bus Ride
By William Miller and John ward

I think the theme is bravery because anyone should sit wherever they want.
One day Sara wanted to find out what was going on in the front of the bus. So she walked up to the front of the bus and she asked them what is so special over here. The bus driver spotted Sara sitting in the front of the bus and told her not to be in the front. The bus driver said if you don't follow the rules then you can walk. The bus driver went to get a police officer to talk to Sara. The officer took her to the police department and took a picture of her and put her on the newspaper. The she came back home and she became popular because of it. It makes me feel like we should have freedom back then.
By: Chase


Just Like Josh Gibson
By Angela Johnson and Beth Peck
I think the theme of Just Like Josh Gibson is courage, because the girl had the courage to join a boy's baseball team.
The girl had the courage to step up to the plate and when she was very little, to play baseball with her papa. The girl had the courage to practice baseball with a baseball team that was all boy's, and she wasn't shy at all. She was even better than some of the boys! The girl had the courage to join the boys all-star baseball team, because Danny, her cousin had a broken arm.
The message in this book made me think that people should not be based on their gender.
By Liam Kruer

I also think it is courage cause she was brave enough to play baseball since girls wernt aloud to play baseball.

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When Jessie Came Across the Sea
Author: Amy Hest
Illustrator: P.J. Lynch

I think the theme is courage because it takes a lot of courage to leave your grandmother to go to America since you love her very much. It would be really hard to go somewhere without anyone else. It would also be hard leave someone you love.

In the text it said "Jessie's hands started to shake. America? So far away from grandmother! She bit her lip for she must not cry in front of the Rabbi." This makes me think the theme is courage because even though she loved her grandmother she went to America.

In the book it includes "Dear grandmother, I miss you. Cousin Kay takes me all around the city. I wish you could see the pushcarts and the shops and the trolley speeding by. But there are to many people in America and the streets are not gold. There are no cows. Cousin Kay bought me a pickle from the barrel. Tomorrow I will begin to sew for her. Love Jessie" This piece makes me think it is because she didn't go back even though she missed her very much.

In the book it said "She brought it to a man who sold tickets to America. "I need a ticket for grandmother" Since Jessie loves her grandmother and misses her very much she bought a ticket for her to come to America too.

This makes me think that if you have courage to do things you can achieve anything.
- Diya

I also would add that Jessie hugged her grandmother and they held on to each other for a long time and that's what shows that they missed each other a lot and that shows that Jessie had the courage to go a way from from someone she truly loved with all her heart.
By: Mya

I would like to add it would take a lot of courage to travel to America all by yourself because when the ship left the harbor she was nervous but when she got to America nothing could stop her now!
- Molly

Thunder cake

By:patricia polacco

I think the theme is courage because the little gril whent out in the thunder even if she was scared of the thunder
evidence:She whent out and got eggs from mean old nelie in the thunder.
She allsow walked out to the dry shed in the thunder to get flower.
She climbed up a nonstertie latter to get fruits in the thunder.
I think that this book makes me think you should allways believe in your self even if things get rough.


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Theodore Roosevelt

By: Doreen Rappaport

In the book Theodore Roosevelt the theme is bravery because Theodore was never afraid of anything in the book.

Theodore had a sickness that kept him inside most of his childhood.As he grew Theodore would clime mountains, volcanoes and camped in sub-freezing weather.Theodore was brave to write bills and he would write a least 4 bills in 1 week and would never pass.Theodore was brave enough to walk the city's at night when police where off duty which was a very scary job especially at night.

This book makes me feel that you should always be brave!

By: Sydney


Mighty Jackie

By Marissa Moss

I think the theme of Mighty Jackie is Courage, because Jackie never gave up.
Jackie had the courage to stay up all night, and practice baseball until her arms hurt. "She worked hard." Jackie had the courage to play on an MLB team with all boys. Jackie had the courage to not let insults get to her. For example, Babe Ruth said, "Women are too delicate for baseball, they'll never make good." He also said that "It would kill them to play ball every day. "
The message in this book makes me think that me think that people shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
By Liam Kruer


Elenor Roosevelt Quiet No More

by: Doreen Rappaport and Gary Kelley

I think the theme is courage because Eleanor Roosevelt had to have a lot of courage to talk in front of all those people. Bath and the wives had to have an interesting and everything husband had an interesting and Eleanor Roosevelt speak up for what she believed. Eleanor Roosevelt hundred persuade a lot of people around the world so that her husband would be president. She stood up for what she believes and tell it happen.

This book makes me think that you should never give up in what you believe in courage.


Major Taylor Champion cyclist

Author lesa Cline-Ransom

I think the theme is courage because when all of the other cyclists were yelling at Taylor he can't do it but he had courage to keep on going. Taylor had courage to be the only black African American in a race when all the other bikers would always say he couldn't do it but he always proved him wrong. Taylor had courage to perform his bicycle stunts in front of all those people. Marshall Taylor had enough dedication and undeniable talent and courage to transform him self in to the extraordinary major Taylor. ~Sammie