All different Now

Angela Johnson

I the book All different Now we think the theme is Change because they woke up as slaves and went to bed with freedom. The girls family woke up from the "breeze of port " and they stared working in the cotton fields in Texas. Then the words of freedom spread from the ports to town through the county side and then into the fields. They prayed and cried in a happy way for the change their freedom made for there homes. They had a picnic for the first time by the beach and had lots of fun and " What was before was never more". The message in this book makes me think everybody should be treated equally forever.
By Jasmine

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Coming To America

By:Betsy Maestro

I think the theme is change because,the immigrants are coming into America.That is huge for them.Some immigrants came from Asia,France all over the world.why are people is huge for Americans that where all ready there!Later they started to make towns with the Americans,there where so many people that came off sick the doctors had to send some people go home that had serious sickness.At last they start a new life.
This book makes me think that anyone is welcome in America!



Noah Webster and His Words

By: Jeri Chase Ferris

The theme is Change because Noah made American school books so everyone could speak one national language.

Noah's students didn't have American school books so Noah got an idea to write American school books.
Noah decided to go to every state and talk about his ideas.
When the Civil war ended the freed slaves learned from Noah's blue back speller.

The message in this book made me think that learning your national language is important because then you would miss communicate.