The Promise
Author Nicola Davies and Lauren carlin

This book makes me think the theme is to believe in your self and have hope because she believes that she can plant and make the city better. She grew up as mean and hard cold and ugly as her city. She lived by stealing from those who had as little as she did. And then one night she saw an old lady down a dark street and her bag was fat and full, but when she tried to snatch it from her she said, "If you promise to plant them I will let go." But when she opened the bag there was only acorns. Then she understood the promise and her heart changed. She forgot the food and money and for the first time in her life she felt lucky rich beyond her wildest dreams. She slept with acorns as her pillow her head full of leafy visions. This book makes me think that if you believe you can change something you can.


Title: Girl Wonder
By: Debrah Hopkins

I think the theme in girl wonder is believe in yourself because she always thought she could beat the boys. When she was seventeen her friend thought since she was a girl than she could not beat the boys in baseball. When the crust coach said go home she still believed in herself that she could play base ball. On the ninth inning the boys did not think girl wonder could beat them and she did. My opinion is you can do anything a boy can if you are a girl.

I think if she was a doctor she should be a baseball coach.

Oliver Button is a Sissy

By: Tomie dePaola

I think the theme of Oliver Button Is a Sissy is Believe in yourself because Oliver believed he could dance and in the end he lived up to his dream. Mama and papa sent Oliver Button to Ms. Leah's Dancing school. Especially for the exercise says papa. One day a talent show was announced! "Oliver" said Mr. Leah there is going to be a talent show at the movie theater on Sunday and I would like you to be in it! Oliver Button was all excited. Ms Leah helped him with his routine,Mama made him a costume and Oliver practiced and practiced! Oliver stepped on stage into the spotlight Dum-de-dum the music went Dum-de-dum-de dum. Oliver tapped and tapped. Oliver bowed and the audience clapped and clapped some more!

This book made me think we can do whatever we set our minds to!

— Molly

All of the boys made fun of him and tried to lower his belief on being a good dancer in the talent show but he still wanted to do his thing. -Josh

When I read "Oliver button is a sissy" I agreed that theme is believe in yourself more evidence to prove is that when all of the older kids wrote on the walls Oliver button is a sissy he still believed he could still dance and practice practice practice.

I agree that the theme is believe in yourself and I think another reason is even when the boys kept calling him a sissy he never stopped believing in himself. So then the boys put on the school wall Oliver Button is a star instead of Oliver Button is a sissy.



And Tango Makes Three

By Justin Richardson

I think the theme is believe in yourself because Roy and Silo never gave up. They believed so much that they took a rock a sat. So the animal keeper helped and put an egg in the nest and Roy and Silo believed that it was there egg. And they believed so much they sat and sat then the egg hatched and they named it Tango.

The message in this book is always believe in yourself.

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The Herd Boy

By Niki Daly

I think the theme is believe in yourselves because he wants to be a president and he has almost all the character traits as a president! And every president has the same character trait like be hard working and a quick learner. Her has to wake up early every morning and it is a big job for a very little boy. He says that you have to be awake and brave to be a herd old man told the boy ah a little boy who takes care of his herd will make a very fine leader. The message in this book makes me think that you should believe in yourself even if your day isn't going well!
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Electrical wizard

Written by: Elizabeth Rusch Illustrated by: Oliver Dominguez
We think the theme is believe in yourself because Thomas Edison and most people that used Thomas Edison's inventions did not believe in Nikola but he became very successful.
No one believed in Nikola Tesla but he knew he could make alternating current. Nikola went on a walk with his friend and taught his friend how alternating current works. Nikola never stopped believing and he became very successful.
This book makes me think no matter what people say always believe in yourself.
By: Max

Nothing But Trouble The Story of Althea Gibson

Author: Sue Stuaffacher illustrator: Greg Couch

We think the theme is believe in yourself because Althea never stopped trying to be a tennis player even though everyone called her a trouble maker because she gets side tracked and is out playing basketball past her cerfew! She also doesn't return to class from recess when it was dismissed. She still does everything she gets in trouble for!

Even though Althea didn't like what she had to do and wear she still did what she had to do to play tennis. For example, if you didn't like what you had to wear or do then you would have to be really passionate about that thing that you would still do it.

Even though Althea didn't believe in herself Buddy Walker did! That made Althea believe in herself too. For instance, it is always great to have someone by your side so when you don't believe in yourself you have someone to encourage you to!

With that, Althea Gibson became the first African American, man or woman, ever to compete and win the coveted Wimbledon cup!!! For example, since she never gave up, had big dreams, and believed in herself she did a great thing!

"I think we should believe in our self and others." - Amanda

"If you believe in yourself and dream big you can achieve your goals!" - Diya

"To never give up and believe in yourself." - Esa