Looking Like Me
By Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers
The theme of LOOKING LIKE ME is Be yourself because Jeremy keeps saying yes to what people says he is. The teacher asks if Jeremy is a writer because he was writing earlier he says yes spinning dreams that dance across the stage. The skinny mailman says you're a city child Jeremy says yes I'm a city child and I love the dizzy heights. The grandma says he's an artist she loves the pictures they were celebrating the guy he is. This book made me think that everybody has a special talent and to know all of your wonderful talents.

by: Josh and Camden

Then he put out his fist and said "I gave it a bam! he said Jeremy I said that's who I am! "Along came my sister as fine as can be hey Jeremy she said she gave it a bam! Jeremy and brother that's who I am" miss Kay "put out her fist and and gave it a bam!"say Jeremy say brother say son say writer say that's who I am!"

By: Bailey and Sammie

When I read this book I notest that he excepted himself for who he is and he didn't care what other people thought. - Sammie
This book makes me think that even though your not perfect you are in your own way. - Bailey
This book makes me think that you should be your self no matter what happens.
- Sammie


Tacky the Penguin
Written by: Helen Lester
Illustrated by: Lynn Munsinger

We think the theme is be yourself because, Tacky was weird but he scared the hunters away. Tacky marched 1-2-3-4-2-3-6-0-2 1-2-0 while his friends marched 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 but Tacky confused the hunters. Tacky did crazy Canon balls while his friends did graceful dives but Tacky got the hunters wet. Tacky sang "How Many Toes Does a Fish Have" while his friends sang pretty songs like "Sunrise on the Iceberg" but Tacky scared the hunters away.
The message in this book makes me think even if you are weird there is always something good about you
By: Max and Brogan

When I read Tacky the penguin I agreed with Max on his choice of theme but here is something he did not include:Tacky had to be himself to stand up to HUNTERS who came to CAPTURE the penguins
- Molly.H.

when I read tacky I agree with your thinking but you forgot to add that he sang bad.
- Andres

I agree with your thinking but you forgot to add that when the hunters came the other penguins went to hide but he standed here and he did what he normally did to the other penguins so he was being himself! - Brody


My Princess Boy
By: Cheryl Kilodavis

I think the theme of my princess boy is love yourself for who you are because people laughed at the boy because he liked pink but but he still loves himself for who he is! Once my princess boy wore a princess dress to his birthday party. He welcomed his friends to his home and said " I am a princess boy" When my princess boy wants to buy a pink bow or a sparkly dress people stare at him and when he buys girl things they laugh at him, but he stays happy and he stays pink. My princess boy was a princess for halloween when he went trick or treating one women laughed at him because he was in a princess dress. My princess boy asked me " why did she laugh at me ?" I told him some people don't think Boys should wear dresses.
This book makes me think we should all be ourselves even if people laugh.
- Molly.H
I agree with you but I would also add even though he was a boy he did things that girls would normally do and didn't care if people laughed at him.
i agree with you but I think you should add that he loved the color pink!

Odd Velvet
By: Mary E. Whitcomb

I think the theme of odd velvet is always be yourself because velvet was odd but that didn't change who she was! Little by little the things velvet did the things velvet said began to make sense. The teacher had velvet talk about her rock collection for two whole days! But velvet was just being herself. Velvets classmates brought their teacher handfuls of flower's, cards that they had made and an impressive collection of nice looking rocks. Velvet was odd but she wasn't that odd after all! Velvets nose was freckled. She had a pack of only 8 crayons and a sweater that once belonged to her older sister. Nothing was right about odd velvet. But in the end good things came from her being different!

Odd velvet made me think that we always should be ourselves no matter what even if it means that people think you are odd!
- Molly

I would like to add that when the kids went to velvets birthday party they didn't think velvet was odd ,they actually had fun with her and she got to be herself without being judged.
- Brody