The Table Where Rich People Sit

Book Written by Byrd Baylor

I think the theme of the table where rich people sit is Be thankful because the girl keeps asking if their rich and thinking of reasons that their poor but in the end she realizes that there's no reason to think that their poor.

"If you see us here at our scratched up homemade kitchen table you would know that we aren't rich. But my father is trying to tell us that we are. Doesn't he notice my warn out shoes or that my little brother has patches in his pants that he where's in first grade." Her father decides to make a list on how much money they earn in a year and start out with being able to see sunshine and say $20,000 then continue to name for the things the get to see or do. But I'm still sitting here with our nice homemade table with one cookie left on my mothers good blue flower plate. I'm writing this book about us. I kind of pat the table I'm glad it's ours.
The message in this book makes me think that you may not know it but you have everything you need.


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