Barbara Cooney
Barbra Cooney

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt De La Peña and Christian Robinson

I believe the theme of Last Stop On Market Street is acceptance because C.J. met few people on the bus that were not normal. C.J. met a bus driver and still since job might not be so good he still likes him and talks to him. Him and his nana met a blind guy with a spotted dog but C.J. talked to him and shook his hand. C.J. also volunteered to help people who did not have food and he did not stop just because they did not have food. This makes me think that just how you look or what you don't have that does not matter what matters is what is in your heart.
By: Sydney

I agree with your thinking, but I would add that CJ accepted his nana even though she didn't have a car.
-Liam Kruer

Nelson Mandela By: Kadir Nelson

I believe the theme is acceptance because Nelson was not accepted just because his religion and skin color was different than others. The government put up signs that said white only and Nelson was African. Nelson was speaking against the law and got arrested he stood with his wife and fought apartheid. When he was in jail he had thin blanket, tiny jail cells, cold meals and had hard labor. This book makes my group think that you should except everyone for who they are no matter if they're black or white or if they have a different religion.
By: Jasmine and Andersen and Kenzie
Nelson moved across the border to get away from the people that were trying to put him in jail so he moved to a place were Africans were aloud the other people in south Africa wouldn't accept him so he moved to Egypt.
-Gavin mazdai

nelson had to live in the shadows in disquises just so he could keep protesting to make the Europeans could accept the Africans


BY:Doreen Rapport

We read Abe's Honest words and we think the theme of this book is Acceptance because Abe always accepted people for who they are.When Abe saw the people change together he did not like what he saw because he thought that everybody is created equally and people that were different from the other people changed together they where too selfish to even care about the people. When Abe said that everyone is created equal and now nobody is treating anyone equally. And then Abe accepted the men to join the army! Also, when Abe says "As a nation, we began to declare that all men are created equal. We now practically, read it all men are created equal, except negroes."



Jacob's New Dress
By Ian Hoffman
I think the theme is acceptance because the other kids did not accept the dress he wore. Christopher does not accept that Jacob puts on girl clothes. Christopher did not accept Jacob wearing girl clothes so much he took Jacob's dress. Jacob accepted that Christopher did not accept his dress so he tagged him and ran off at recess. The message in this book makes me think always be yourself don't be who people tell you to be.

by Gianni


The Story of Ruby Bridges
By: Robert Coles and George Ford

I think the theme is acceptance because the white people did not expect Ruby just because of her skin color. Everyday when Ruby went to school there would be a mob of people calling her names and threatening to hurt Ruby but she kept walking and did not say a word. Parents did not let there kids go to school because Ruby was black. Ruby had to learn with no friends. One day Ruby forgot to pray so she prayed in the mob of people. Her teacher asked her what she said to the people Ruby said she did not say anything she said she was praying. This is her prayer "Please, God, try to forgive those people. Because even if they say those bad things, they don't know what they're doing. So you could forgive them, just like you did those folks a long time ago when they said terrible things about you."
By: Jasmine

I would add that the judge picked her to go to a white only school.Her parents where so proud that she got picked to go to a white only school!
By: Sydney
I would say that the marshals accepted and protected her from the mob.

The Brand New Kid

By:Katie Couric

I think the theme is acceptance.
The students made fun of Lazlo on his first day , they said his hair was so blond and his lips were bright pink. When they played kick ball none of the kids wanted him on there team so he sat out and watched.
Ellie asked Lazlo if he wanted to come over to her house but then Lazlo asked Ellie if she wanted to come over to his house, then he asked if she wanted to play chess
She said she wasn't that good but she will play. The Next day the kids thought she was crazy because she was Lazlo's friend. My opinion is you should treat everyone nice.

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Same, Same But Different

Author Jenny Sue Kostecki-Saw

I think the theme of this book is were all alike because throughout the story they say there still the same when they show different things they do in there lives. Eliot said he liked to climb trees because he has a tree house in his yard and Kailash said he likes to climb trees but it's just a tree. Eliot shows that his city has taxis buses and cars filled the city but Kailash says there are a few cars but still traffic by other transportation. Eliot says/shows that he says hello by doing a secret Handshake but Kailash shows that the way he says hello to his friends is bowing and saying NAMASTE.
The message/theme in the story makes me think that everyone is alike and just because of what they do and how things look like doesn't mean there different.

By: Josh

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Amazing Grace

By Mary Hoffman. Caroline Binch

I think the theme in amazing Grace is acceptance because just because she was black mean she couldn't be Peter Pan. Grace didn't care if people said she can't be Peter Pan just because she was black or a girl she just ignored the People that were saying that to her. The reason she wanted to be Peter Pan is that she loved stories so much after reading all of them she wanted to act them out just like Peter Pan. Grace is leader because she showed people you can be what you want to be.
This book makes me think that accept myself for who I am.
By Gavin Mazdai

Grace loves lessening to story's she would probably love acting!
-Bailey Conley

Grace's teacher accepted Grace to be Peter Pan, even though she was a girl, and she was black.
-Liam Kruer

Peters Chair

Book written by Ezra Jack Keats

I think the theme is acceptance because peter wasn't accepting his sister for taking over his stuff but eventually he gives her his little chair. Peter said that's my cradle when saw Susie painting it pink. His father asked if he wanted to paint the high chair then he said that's my high chair. He saw his crib and said that's my crib peter saw they didn't paint his old chair. Peter took it and ran away outside so they could not give it to her. Peter finally realized that she deserved it so he asked his dad to paint it.
The message in the book makes me think that everyone is special

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By: Barbara Cooney

I think the theme of Eleanor is Acceptance because people didn't except Eleanor for who she was. When Eleanor was born her mother thought she was ugly. Then her mother put her in lace for her Baptism but her mother still thought she looked ugly. When Eleanor was about ten friends and family started calling her an orphan because she had no family to live with because both her parents died when she was 8 and 9. Just because Eleanor was an orphan her cousin Alice would tease her and never play with her.
This book made me think you should never tease anyone because they're parent died you would be hurting there feelings badly.
- Molly.H.


Rudi's Pond
By:Eve Bunting
The theme of the story is acceptance because the girl had to accept what happened.
The girl's friend died because of a heart problem so her school was accepting that he was dead.
So they built a pond to remember him.
The girl accepted that he was gone
My opinion about this book is that you should just accept that someone passed.
By :Grant

Nelson Mandela
By Kadir Nelson
I think the theme in Nelson Mandela is acceptance because he did't accept his skin color because people were saying whites. Nelson moved across the boarder to get away from the people that were trying to put him in jail so he moved to Egypt. Nobody accepted him for his skin color or his laws and rights that he was making so people chased him down. Nelson put disguises on and hid in sewers so the people that were trying to put him in jail so he moved to a different country.

This book makes me think that I should accept myself because I have a voice too.

By Gavin Mazdai