My name is makenzie and I like to write how to books and realistic fiction because I get to be super creative in a realistic but fake way. My favorite author is Megan macdonald and she writes the sisters club and the judy moody books. I like those books because the storys are creative and funny.


my favorite books are goosebumps, ghosts of war, Kareem adual jabbar inside the paint.
why I like to read these books is sports, war and a little creepy. That is my reading life!
my writing life is sports and about me and my family I write football baseball basketball.


my reading life
My favorite author is Lauren tarshis and she writes my favorite series I survived and my favorite book from I survived is I survived the eruption of mount st. Helens, 1980. I survived is a New York Times bestselling series. I like to read in the corner Of my room because it's Cosey and comfortable and I feel safe. I like to read I survived because l love history and I survived is based on historical events and the only thing different are the characters.
My writing life
I like to write persuasive because I can connivence people to do what I want to do for example I want a class pet I haft to convince my principal to let our school have class pets.


I like to read in my room were it's quite and anywhere it is quite. And I like to write on stormy days because it has a light noise. My favorite book that we have read this year is tattle tongue Because it is just a silly story My favorite book to read from the bse library is Geronimo it's by Geronimo Stilton.


My name is Sydney and I am going to tell you about my reading life, my favorite author is Barbara park she writes junie B jones that is my favorite book. I am now reading the series again I like to read this book because the main character is so clueless and funny put them together and then that is junie B jones that is why I like junie B jones.


My favorite book is Diary of a wimpy kid double down the author is Jeff Kennedy. I also like Mr. Lincolns way the author is Patricia Pallako. I love wonder it is by R.J Palacio. I love Joni b jones the author is Barbara park
My favorite thing to write about is animals and I like to make up stories. My favorite story that I wrote is called pickle and pancake. Me and my friend wrote book about dogs it had 7 chapters.


I like to read when everyone in my house is in bed so I have some quiet reading time. My favorite book is the cursed child because it's really interesting and I like Harry Potter and that is the newest Harry Potter book and my favorite author is J.K. Rowling because she wrote Harry Potter. I like writing outside because I like to look around for ideas outside so I can write easier! I like to write when in the car because I think that it is a good way to spend my time in car ride so I can get a lot done, also I would like to start writing at my sisters cheer competitions because it's really loud so what people are saying can give me ideas.I really like to write story's about people. That's was when, where, and what I like to read and write about.


An important book is Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff. I like this book because it seems like a realistic fiction and I love writing realistic fiction and reading it. I also like to write how to books, because I like to teach people how to do things. I also like a book cauld Wonder by R.J. Palacio I like his book because it's also realistic fiction like Absolutely Almost


Hello, my name is Cameron and my favorite book is The duel: The parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr because I like learning about history and Hamilton.
I like to write persuasives and nonfiction because I like persuading people to do what I want and teaching people about real things. I don't like writing fiction. I really like documentaries about Alexander Hamilton.


I like to read action books because there exciting and they make me want to read more. I also like almost all fiction books because the don't have to be anchored down by real facts.

My favorite type of writing is fiction writing because you don't have to write about real facts.


My reading life:
I love to read up in my loft because nobody can go up there and it's very comfy and it holds peace and quit. My favorite author is ROALD DAHL because he wrote my favorite book ( and all his other books ) Charlie and the great glass Elevator. I love to read after school and before school and before bed ( so pretty much all the time I can ).

My writing life:
I like to write fiction and nonfiction and persuasive because 1. Fiction: it takes me places I have never been like a fairytale they are so magical 2. Nonfiction: I tells me stuff that i didn't know before for example : before knew nothing about Alexander Hamilton but after I read the Nonfiction book about him on epic I know a lot of stuff I didn't know before 3. persuasive: I can get people to do things that i want to do.


I am Brody and I am going to tell you what books I love and some books
I dont care for. The same with writing so let's get started. My favorit book is probably warrior cats me and my freinds
love it. Why? Because it has a lot of good parts that other books dont have.If I would get a prize between a million dollars and all the warrior cats books I would choose the warrior cats book. My least favorit book is Harry Potter because the details are really poor and the movies have nothing the same as the books so those are my reasons. now on to writing . My favorit writing type is probably pursasive because you can persuade people to get what you want. My least favorite writing type is boxes and bullets because you can only have a few details in one box.


One of the things I LOVE to write is persuasions, because then I can make someone do something with the power of writing!
I also love to read "The Invention Of Hugo Cabret", the author is Brian Selznick, I love to read it at night and during school during quiet RTS time because it captures my mind and creates a "Mind Movie!"


I like to write on stormy days because it gives me a perfect idea for mystery story with bailey. my favorite book that mrs.Robinson has read to us is tattle tongue. my favorite book that I have read from the bse library is Geronimo. and the author of Geronimo is Geronimo stilton.


I like scary books because there can be mysterious and can be floating things.

I like writing about books that I have read Because I have learned facts about that topic.


Hello I am Gavin,
I like to read Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Science (Bill Nye Website) Because science inspires me to do things I have never done before. And I like diary of a wimpy kid because it talks about getting past school with getting in trouble.



I like to write on the opposite corner of the Fiction Corner because in there no one can look at my writing and copy it. And I like to read in my bed at night for 20 minutes or more before I go to be. My favorite book is my book about Brazilian legend. And I like to write nonfiction because I like to write about animals and biographies.


My favorite author is J.K. Rowling because she wrote Harry Potter. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! My favorite book in Harry Potter is The Deathly Hallows. Even though Harry Potter is violent he goes on lots of cool adventures. I like to read lots of chapter books at night. That is where, what, and when like to read. I like to write outside on beautiful days. I get inspiration by looking at nature like flowers and trees and animals like my next door neighbors dogs. I usually write about people like me and my friends who meet magic animals. I usually write out every minute I can. Sometimes I don't get to but I try hard to. If I am allowed to I sit by the window and write. That is why I write outside. That is where and when.


Hello, I'm Jadon.
I like to read Lincoln Pierce and Jeff Kinney (Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Technology because I like comics and technology.
I also like to write about technology, books and apps because I like writing about books and I like reviewing apps and devices.

I also like books about Snakes and Spiders because I like those type of animals.


I like to read diary of a wimpy kid, Minecraft, notebook of doom and Jedi academy And scary books and Star Wars .I like to read the books because they are really funny and weird and scary And the Star Wars books have Wars.

I like writing about fishing and my self because I am really good at fishing and I now a lot a


My reading and writing life

Reading life.
My reading life is fun, from reading a picture book to a series of chapter books! I really love the series diary an 8-bit warrior, it's of books of this villager (it's a Minecraft book), named runt who wants to be a warrior. I like this book because Minecraft is one of my favorite video games to play and its really well told and is descriptive.

Writing life.
My writing life is a really interesting part of my life, reading a book to writing one. When I was in 1st grade, I wrote
"The game for the world" and I loved it! It was my favorite book I ever wrote until recently I wrote "cooking for kids" where I teach how to cook and it is not a how to book.


Some of my favorite books are I Survived because, they are really thrilling and give you a lot of detail to help you picture the scene. I also like reading Minecraft books because, Minecraft is my favorite game, the stories are well told and it is a good combination of Minecraft and reading. Another series I like to read is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because, it has good comedy and in the books it shows you the pictures.
I like to write sports or Minecraft stories because, I like Minecraft and I think it's easy to write about. I like writing sports stories because they are fun to write about and I like to play sports.


My favorite book is Goosebumps and The Notebook of Doom because I like mysteries books.

My writing life: I love writing about what was in my life because I know more about my life than other stuff


My favorite book is diary of an 8 bit villager (warrior) because I love to read about Minecraft I love to write about animals because the first book I ever wrote was in kindergarten I had written about zoo animals because we went to the zoo on a field trip


Hello, my name is Achilles I LOVE to write and draw dragons. I also love to read books about people who lost there memories and then they go trough things and remember. I don't like reading Pokémon books and Minecraft books but this is my reading life!